Funeral Consumers Alliance of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties

(formerly Funeral and Memorial Planning Society)

We have a variety of published materials available. You can purchase the items indicated on this list. You can also visit our office library during business hours and arrange to borrow various items at no cost.

The recently created 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation Funeral Education Foundation (FEF) provides education and information to the general public in aspects of planning for death and dying.

Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA) provides membership services. We continue to be dedicated to simple, dignified, and economical funeral arrangements, and provide services in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties in Northern California. We’ve been in operation for over 50 years now.

Available for Purchase

  • Tapes, Forms, Kits
Refrigerator Planning Kit (contains)
California Advance Directives
“Before I Go” booklet (20 pages)
Refrigerator Magnet
Several helpful brochures
Plastic pouch
member price – by mail $8.00
member price – pickup at office $6.00
non-member price – by mail $10.00
Audio Tape – 1995 Annual Meeting with Jessica Mitford$6.00
Audio Tape – 2001 Annual Meeting with Panel of Religious Leaders about Beliefs and Customs regard death)$6.00
Audio Tape – 2002 Annual Meeting with Lisa Carlson presenting “Funeral Mischief, Then and Now”$6.00
Form – California Advance Directives$1.00
Form – California Natural Death Declaration or Do Not Resuscitate$1.00
  • Books and Booklets

Free Brochures

1 – Cremation Explained: Answers to Questions2 – Eco-Friendly Death and Funeral Choices3 – Catholics and Simple Funerals
4 – Simple & Cheap, My Father Said5 – Earth Burial: A Tradition in Simplicity6 – Directory of Memorial Societies in the U. S.
7 – 12 Reasons Why People Pay “Too Much” for a Funeral8 – Light Like the Sun – An Essay on Cremation9 – Veterans’ Funeral and Burial Benefits
10 – What Shall We Do with the Ashes?11 – Understanding the Tricks of the Funeral Trade12 – Recycle Your Medical Devices
13 – Did You Forget? (telling your family about your funeral plans)14 – Burial Vaults, Lawn Crypts and Grave Liners15 – Viewing and Visitation: the Difference
16 – Lay Me to Rest in a Plain Pine Box17 – Prepaying Your Funeral: Benefits and Dangers18 – Beat the High Cost of Funerals
19 – Death Away from Home20 – How to Help Grieving People: What to Say & Do21 – Guide to Funeral Planning: Affordable Options
22 – Death in One State; Burial in Another23 – No One Wants to Talk About Death: How to Help24 – Ten Tips for Saving Funeral $$$
25 – Common Funeral Myths26 – Starting a Funeral Committee in Your Congregation27 – Buying a Casket
28 – A Family’s Experience Scattering Ashes in Yosemite29 – Hospices and Grief Counseling Resources30 – What You Should Know About Embalming
31 – eScrip Information Packet32 – A Safer Way to Prepay Your Funeral33 – Final Arrangements; a Guide to Planning
34 – Scattering of Cremains35 – Mortuaries in San Mateo and/or Santa Clara Counties36 – Checklists A & B for Before & After Death
37 – Plans for Building a Casker38 – How Much Will My Funeral Cost?39 – How to Read a (Mortuary) General Price List
40 – Funeral & Cemetery Purchases (CA DCA)41 – Monument Companies in 2 Counties42 – Checklist for Cemetery Purchases
43 – Cemeteries in San Mateo/Santa Clara Counties44 – Churches with Memorial Gardens45 – Obituary Form
46 – How to Plan a Memorial Service47 – Organ & Tissue Donor Network/Donor Card48 – Body and Organ Donation: A Gift to Science
49 – Stanford or UCSF Anatomy -Body Donation50 – Survivors Booklet (Social Security Administration)51 – Latest Local Funeral Home Price Survey
52 – What to Do When Someone Dies53 – How to File a Funeral Complaint54 – Creating a Memorial Service
55 – My Friend is Dying – What Do I Say?56 – When Someone You Care About is Grieving57 – Funerals: A Consumer’s Guide (Federal Trade Commission)
58 – Ethical Wills  

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